The Word Dress

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get to read a new fairy tale I'd written wearing a dress made from the pages of books. The Word Dress was made from over 2500 pages, in fact, taken from several copies of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales (courtesy of Virago Press).

Litfest commissioned me to write the story 'A Book Tale', which featured dresses made of grass and rain, smoke and feathers, and—of course—the pages of books. And they commissioned the amazing Jennifer Pritchard Couchman to design and make the dress.

Some more links:
The online scrapbook I kept during the project is here.
A blog post I wrote about the process for Litfest is here.
There are lots more photographs from every stage of the project here.

And you can download the ebook of the story
for free here (epub file).
Or buy the kindle version here.

The pictures are by Jonathan Bean @Litfest. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.