Winter Listening

I recently added audio recordings of three of my stories to MacGuffin, a jukebox for literature. You have to register to get through to the content, but once you do there's a wealth of short stories and poetry (all free to access) to dig around in and enjoy.

My stories are here:
Voice Marks (from Spindles, the new Comma Press anthology of sleep science stories. And you can find more stories from Spindles here)
Making Sandcastles (from Beta-Life)
Feather Girls (first published in The Adirondack Review and reprinted in Best British Short Stories 2011)

While I'm putting these up I thought I'd add a sort of short story mix tape of things I've enjoyed listening or re-listening to recently. It's for anyone like me who's spending the dark nights nested in blankets and feeding on stories waiting for some light to return.

(most of the links are to MacGuffin, a couple will take you to other sites)

1. Goat by David Constantine                                  (for the ice)
2. Chanterelles by Evie Wyld                                     (for things found)
3. In Zero Gravity  by Michelle Green                     (for things lost)
4. Longford by Kate Feld                                            (for hiding)
5. The Common Dean by Alan Garner                     (for the hidden)
6. Tea at the Midland by David Constantine              (for seeing the view)
7. Mrs Fox by Sarah Hall                                         (for the need to escape)
   (this one used to live here, but is now here)