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The Bookshop at the End of the Pier

page one bookshop cdean.jpg

A little comic about the challenges of extreme bookselling.

Web version available here.

Materials: drypoint etching with cobalt blue ink on 50% cotton paper, a history of bookselling and a love of piers.

- a strike comic

monster workload 2.png

A tiny comic made for the picket line during the UCU UK university strikes in early 2020.

Web version is available here.

Materials: ink and marker on photocopier paper, and years of stress as an hourly paid and then full-time lecturer in HE.

Some Common Household Flora (2020)

household flora image.jpg

A zine made and sent out by post for the Zines in the Dark project during the first Covid lockdown.

Materials: inks, pencils, found record cards, paper, and a desperate need to imagine everyday beauty when stuck in the house.

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