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Disturbingly and darkly beautiful...Not to be missed'—Jane Yolen


'Claire has the gift of making the ordinary very sinister, and the extraordinary uncomfortably real'—Robert Shearman

‘Wonderfully told stories of flight and flood, of limitation and transformation... in turn foreboding and life-affirming’—Carys Bray

The Museum of Shadows and Reflections

A short story collection with illustrations by Laura Rae


Paperback now available
Publisher: Papaveria Press
ISBN: 9781907881619

Available to order through your local independent bookshop or online from


Short story chapbooks

Bremen (Nightjar Press, 2017)
The Unwish (Nightjar Press, 2017)

Marionettes (Nightjar Press 2012).

Into the Penny Arcade (Nightjar Press 2012).

Short stories in anthologies

'Feeding the Peat' in Uncertainties IV (Swan River Press, 2020)
'Leonora, Fly!' in Leonora Carrington: Living Legacies (Vernon Press, 2019)
'Lichen Storey' in An Invite to Eternity (Calque Press, 2019)  

'People Watching' in Thought X eds. Ra page & Rob Appleby (Comma Press, 2017)
'Is-and' is reprinted in The Best British Short Stories 2017  ed. Nicholas Royle (Salt)
‘Is-and’ in  Dead Letters ed. Conrad Williams (Titan Books, 2016)
‘Voice Marks’ in Spindles:Stories from the Science of Sleep eds. Ra Page & Penny Lewis (Comma Press, 2015)
'Making Sandcastles' in Beta-Life eds. Ra Page & Martyn Amos (Comma Press, 2015)
'Glass, Bricks, Dust' is reprinted in The Best British Short Stories 2014  ed. Nicholas Royle (Salt)
'Glass, Bricks, Dust' & accompanying essay in New Fairy Tales, eds. John Patrick Pazdziora and Defne Çizakça (Unlocking Press, 2013)
'Into the Penny Arcade' is reprinted in The Best Horror of the Year Volume 5, ed. Ellen Datlow (Nightshade Books, 2013)
'Marionettes' is reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume 24, ed. Stephen Jones (Constable & Robinson, 2013)

'In the dressing room mirror' in Still (Negative Press, 2012) ed. Roelof Bakker
'Bird Doll' in The Screaming Book of Horror ed. Johnny Mains (Screaming Dreams Press, 2012) .
'Harness & leash for a fly' in The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, eds. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (Harper Voyager, 2012)
'A Secret Herbarium' in letterpress art book Type: A Collection made by SJ Bradley at The Print Project (2012)
'Booklovers' in Quickies, a Flashtag Manchester anthology (2011)
'For the true anatomy' in Murmurations: An Anthology of Uncanny Stories about Birds ed. by Nicholas Royle (Two Ravens Press, 2011) 
'Feather Girls' is reprinted in The Best British Short Stories 2011 ed. Nicholas Royle (Salt, 2011)

Stories in print magazines and journals

'The Night Owl' in Issue 1 of Cutaway Magazine.
'Moth Light' in Issue 5 of Magpie Magazine.
'Grandma's House' in Patricide 03 Surrealism and the Uncanny.
'The Sand Ship' in Issue 7 of A cappella Zoo and reprinted in Issue 10, Bestiary: The Best of A cappella Zoo.
'The Woman Who Wore Frost Slippers' in Issue 1 of Unsettling Wonder.
'Casting Ammonites' in Shadows and Tall Trees 5.

Stories available online

'The Two Sisters' commissioned for Chapel Gallery's Festival of Tales
'Feather Girls' (also translated into Arabic here)
'A Book Tale' (Kindle edition here)
'Pomona Fair'
'Growing Cities'
'The Sand Ship'
'Cities found on a Wednesday afternoon Preston'
'Stone Sea'

There are videos of readings of some of my stories here.
Selected audio recordings are available on MacGuffin here.
There's a Pseudopod podcast of 'Into the Penny Arcade' here.
There's An Endless Sky podcast of 'The Unwish' here.


The Word Dress 
for Litfest

'A Book Tale' is a contemporary fairy tale for adults inspired by the post-industrial Lancashire landscape. The story features a dress of moorland grass, another of smoke and feathers and one made from the pages of old books. I read the story in a specially commissioned dress made from seven copies of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales as part of Litfest 2010.

The Stone King 
for Litfest and Lancaster City Council

'The Stone King' is a new fairy for all ages inspired by the landscape and history of Lancaster's Williamson Park. I read the story in locations around the park as part of Litfest 2012. The Stone King will be released as an audio storywalk later this spring.

Gold Threads

Preston 3Twenty commission for They Eat Culture

'Gold Threads' follows a woman as she recounts the lost streets and buildings of Preston that form a ghost map given to her by her father. The story was commissioned as part of Preston Guild 2012 along with stories by David Gaffney and Richard Evans. The stories were available as an audio trail during the Guild week and performed live in locations around Preston city centre.

Pomona Fair
Blog North
commission for Openstories and Manchester Literature Festival

'Pomona Fair' is a story about the tales we tell and those we don't, and a giant. It's inspired by Manchester's mysterious Pomona Island. The story was commissioned to be performed at the 2014 Blog North Awards


Making a Breath
commission for Chorlton Arts Festival 
‘Making a Breath’ is a story inspired by the legendary Manchester animation studio Cosgrove Hall. The site-specific commission was part of a six-writer project about ghost places and the re-appropriation of spaces. I read the story along with Sarah Butler, Sarah-Clare Conlon,  Kate Feld, David Gaffney and Nicholas Royle as part of Chorlton Arts Festival 2015.

Articles and essays

'Four Rules for Sandwriting' for The Writing Platform

Writing for the improbable Bookshelf' for The Bookseller's Future Book

'Saturation Point' in Arc 2.1 Exit Strategies
'Exploring the Ice Lab' for the Arc blog
'We're Worrying about New Death' for the Arc blog

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