Hello, thanks for visiting my tiny corner of the web. You'll find lots of examples of my work as a writer, maker and general research magpie on this site.

Biographical info:

Fairy tales & folklore, natural history, and the woods, moorlands, and post-industrial towns of North-West England all inspire my work.


My short stories have appeared in many books and publications, at family festivals, on the GCSE syllabus, and in some more unusual places. By combining bookbinding with electronics, I've made stories that respond to sunlight, altitude, air quality, the moon, and tides.


Excessive curiosity, a love of stories, and a complete disregard for disciplinary boundaries took me from originally training as an actor at East 15, to an MA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill a decade later, and then on to a PhD in Digital Innovation at Lancaster University. My PhD research (2014-18) explored technologies and materials for ecological storymaking.


A continuing obsession with the materials we use to share stories about the natural world (along with access barriers in my previous job as a lecturer) have led to me  now studying for an MA in Preventive Conservation and retraining to become a Conservator. I'm also currently working as a Curatorial Assistant in the Natural Science collections at Tullie House Museum in Carlisle.


I'm a lipreader and late BSL learner, having been born profoundly deaf in one ear and with my hearing now deteriorating in the other.

I've previously worked as a festival coordinator, editor, workshop facilitator, bookseller, university lecturer and researcher. In every part of my practice, and in every job I do, I'm always drawn to finding ways to bring attention to the overlooked and under-wondered at in everyday life.